Suri M, Head of Channel Brands, F100 Retailer

“Great coaches have excelled at playing the game. The greatest know how to teach the moves to others. They unblock what holds us back and push us to achieve more than we ever thought possible. Anna is one of the greatest.”

Wendy N, Global SVP, $15B beverages company

“Anna is an exceptional listener who was able to immediately understand the nuances of my situation. She quickly guided me in assessing new career opportunities, considering factors I hadn’t thought of before. She also helped me see my strengths and how I could best bring those forward in a new opportunity. Anna challenged me to look at my true goals rather than what I “should” do.”

Terry S, Founder & Entrepreneur

“Anna is an amazingly accomplished business consultant, team leader and strategic trusted advisor. She helped me totally transform my company’s brand and services. She has the unique ability to quickly assess your challenges and prescribe a winning strategy to success. She makes the complex simple! I highly recommend Anna for any company or professional who is looking for a transformational coach who can help you take your business to the next level!”

Marilyn P, SVP & Financial Advisor, F500 Bank

“Anna has a rare quality as an executive Coach. She is an intuitive, perceptive listener who identifies any issues that can prohibit success, with an extremely high level of competence and focus on achieving goals, both professional and personal. If there is anything you perceive as “missing” in your practice, Anna will identify and address it.”